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Glowing Face Duo

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Our goal is to provide fresh skin care products at affordable prices with no frill. You are not paying for fancy marketing or extravagant packaging, just good quality products with eco-friendly minimalistic packaging made locally with love.

Customer Reviews

I love all the products that Lena creates and I especially enjoy the Face Cream. I have been using it for about 2 months now and have never received that many compliments on my skin! Something I'm not used to!...

Andrea, Cochrane, AB

The Healing Salve resolved my eczema! I’ve tried many different products but nothing actually worked. It was like magic! No steroids! The cream melts onto the skin and keeps it feeling moisturized and smooth. Would definitely recommend to everyone!

May, Calgary, AB

As someone who loves taking baths, I highly recommend the Me Time Wellness Bath Set. Not only is the packaging so beautiful, the products smell amazing, all made from natural ingredients! The bath bombs are my favorite:)

Wendy, Cochrane, AB

I can't get over the multi-functionality of the Shampoo Bar. After this bar, I removed my three other products (shampoo, conditioner & body wash).

Kathy, Cochrane, AB

The Self Care Trio is the bomb. They all smell amazing and I love how they soak into my skin right away. They feel light and not greasy. The Foot Butter is my favorite.

Steph, Cochrane, AB

Your enthusiasm for your products shows in the the great quality! My sister who tried my body cream said it makes her feel like being in a spa.

Nola, Cochrane, AB

I used to apply my deodorant 2-3 times a day but I only need to use this Deodorant Stick only once. I work out, shovel snow but still, I don't stink! I never thought the natural deodorant would work better than my commercial one. I really like that it comes in a stick so it's easy to apply.

Matt, Cochrane, AB

I have been using the Face Elixir Set for over a month now. I love how refreshing and soft my face feels everyday! The bath bombs are so inviting and relaxing! I stay in the bath way longer now!! Amazing products all around.

Nicole, Cochrane, AB

This Bath Salt is an amazing aid for total relaxation. Love the delightful floral aroma, and the fact that everything is natural

Amber, Calgary, AB

Everyday Ultimate Face Care

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