About Us

Welcome to Herbal Infusion Made by Lena.

The company was born out of necessity for me and my family. As a trained chemist, I have been questioning safety of many self care products I was using. But life got busy and I forced myself to ignore all that. I finally got to the time to reflect on myself and what is really the important to me: healthy & toxin-free living.

With help from my father, who had a life-long career as a natural product formulator, and my experience as a chemist in pharmaceutical, manufacturing and environmental industries, our dream can true!

Our goal is to provide natural skin care products at affordable prices with #nofrill. You are not paying for fancy marketing or extravagant packaging, just good quality products with eco-friendly minimalistic packaging made locally with love. #shoplocal

Lena Park - Founder & Creator of Herbal Infusion Made by Lena