1. Why is there a deadline for order?

Most of our products are made to order to ensure the highest quality possible. The deadline give our production team enough time to make your products in house and deliver to your door during our scheduled local delivery within your local area. More about Delivery & Shipping.

2. Is there a set time for the local delivery? Do I need to be home to receive the order?

The exact time for delivery can be difficult to predict; however, we will do our best to give you window of time when the delivery is expected. With that being said, if you are living at a home with a private entrance, you don't need to be home at the time of delivery. We will simply drop them off at your front door.

3. What if I live in a condo, apartment or gated community?

You or someone in your house may need to be home. If it's more convenient for you, we can meet up at the front entrance or location near your home. Please make sure to leave us a delivery note and provide us your cell phone number so we can make appropriate arrangement. 

4. Are your products all natural?

Short answer will be yes and no. But long answer is the following: The definition of natural can sometimes be ambiguous. Most of our products are made with all natural and naturally derived ingredients but we use a few synthetic ingredients too for ethical and safety related reasons. Our goal is to select good ingredients to ensure our products are in line with healthy and toxin-free living. To learn more about this topic, check out my blog 'Is Natural Always Safe? Gray Matter'